Why would a cat leak

Not all owners having a cat at home uncontrollably release the animal outside. If the cat rarely leaves the confines of the apartment, it will be safer and more convenient if the owners take it out for a walk, using a special walking ammunition – collar, plume, leash.

Cat on a leash is quite common. Many owners, concerned with the safety of the pet, take walks without fail using leash and plumes. This guarantees safety to the cat and peace of mind to the host.

Leashes and cat plumes are in abundance sold at any zootovar store. The most suitable models are those made of capron elastic tape. The material should be as light as possible — it could be cotton or nylon. When choosing a leash, weight must be taken into account – cats are very sensitive, and even lightweight designs can cause them discomfort.

What does a cat need a leash for?

Not all cats will respond to the call of the hosts, let alone perform the commands voiced by them. A cat released for a walk usually runs to explore the territory or hide in the nearest bushland, from where extracting it will be quite problematic. To keep the animal in check, the best way is to use a special plume and leash.

The leash will serve as a guarantee that the cat will not get under the car, will not get lost and will not get lost. Use it when moving, visiting a veterinary clinic, when travelling in public and private transport.

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