What breed is the kitten from the Whiskas” advertisement

Breed Standard

To create commercials, Viscas feed producers selected breed representatives scottish strait. It is a breed of straight-skinned Scottish cats, isolated more recently. Until 2005, the Striites were recorded as a British breed, but this caused confusion. Today, the Scottish strait is one of the most popular and sought-after breeds.

Externally, these cats do resemble Britons, but have a number of distinctive features: rounded snout, long tapering towards the end flexible tail, small narrow erect abalone. Scottish stripes possess a muscular facetious body and not very long stout limbs with tightly clenched fingers. Males tend to be noticeably larger than females: the adult cat weighs an average of 4 kg and the cat weighs 3-3.5 kg. The head is rounded due to the convex forehead and round cheeks. The profile is straight, the back of the nose slightly concave. The chin is not too protruding and the neck is short. All scottishes certainly possess large expressive widely spaced eyes. The color may be different, depending on the color of the wool. The wool to the touch is plush, has a delicate double texture.

Some traits considered by Britons to be virtues, in scottish stripes are flaws, such as that: flat forehead or conspicuous nose foot

The character

U Scottish-Stripes, like all Scottish cats, is very benign and peace-loving character. They are balanced and attached to the house and the owners. Kittens of this breed are playful, but at the same time obedient, they are easily accustomed to the tray and when properly educated do not deliver any hassle.

Excommunicating a kitten from a mum is desirable at the age of two and a half months

Scottish straight-talking cats are intelligent and do not get annoyed with meukuka: they can cast a vote in very rare cases, for example, if they are forgotten to feed. They are perfectly comfortable with other animals and friends with young children, quickly become accustomed to unfamiliar surroundings, orient themselves well in new places and unnerved during cat shows and exhibitions. Nature has endowed scottish stripes with a sharp mind and savvy, but it is completely alien to aggression – it is exclusively domestic decorative cats. Also, they are extremely pure-dense. If you get two cats like this, they will regularly moult each other carefully.

Finally, it is worth noting such a unique feature of Scottishes as love to rest in unusual poses. The Internet is littered with funny videos involving these adorable pets dozing on the back or in a lotus pose.

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