How to help a cat move away from drugs

First day

After the return of the operated cat home it must be put on a warm bedding , bed on the floor, and monitor the absence of drafts in the room. An animal after anaesthetic cannot be placed on a sofa or chair because its movements at this time will not be coordinated, causing the cat to fall from height. There should be no sharp or hot objects, wires and threads on the floor, and other things in which she might become entangled.

After anesthesia, the cat should only lie on the right side as lying on the left gives extra strain on heart after surgical intervention.

It’s very important to make sure the cat’s eyes don’t dry. After surgery she won’t be able to blink herself, so you need to bury her under her eyelids a special solution and blink them with your fingers every half hour, until the cat begins to blink herself. Also she will dry in her mouth – to cope with it will help wetting the tongue with water or gently pouring water droplets from the pipette into her mouth – but it is very neat so that the cat does not choke. It is noted after anesthesia and inadequate behavior of the animal — this occurs due to its disorientation and is normal in most cases. However, if the cat is quite bad — you need to urgently call the veterinarian who performed the surgery.

Care after anesthesia

During the period of withdrawal from anesthesia, the cat may suffer from involuntary urination or vomiting, so you need to watch it very closely — if it starts constantly licking, you need to set her a newspaper or set up a bag. Feeding can only begin after 24 hours, and the animal’s poor appetite can persist for a few more days. It will be possible to fully drink the cat after 3-4 hours.

After sterilization, the cat is put on a special butt, which it will have to wear for 10-14 days before the stitches are removed.

To process the healing stitches, it is necessary to regularly remove this pony from the back paws and after processing immediately put back so that the cat does not lick the seam wounds. In addition, it is necessary to carefully watch that the animal does not try to jump on the high ground, because of weakness it may not jump and get hooked on something by hanging in it. Naturally, the cat will start writhing, trying to get out, causing the stitches to just disperse.

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