Castration or drops: what to select

Sexy cats leave a strong, pungent smell, which is hard enough to get rid of. When a cat is not given the opportunity to mate with a cat, the animal marks the territory, shoes and clothing of the owners. The host has to make a difficult choice between a radical way — castration, or a loyal — drop.


At present castration is one of the most frequent operations in veterinary clinics. This is a procedure for removing the genital glands, which reduces the natural level of sex hormones in the animal’s body. After castration, the animal disappears the desire to continue its genus.

Castration is carried out at any age. Veterinarians recommend neutering cats early in puberty — this usually occurs closer to a year when the cat has not yet had knits.

Castration does no harm to the animal, and all the disputes regarding the issue touch mostly on the ethical side of the issue. The effects of castration are still self-evident: the cat becomes sedentary, the likelihood of obesity and urolithiasis increases.

Disadvantages of castration should include anesthesiological risk — prompt intervention is always associated with health risks and life. Preliminary recommend to carry out examination of the animal for contraindications to the operation.


There is an alternative to castration. In veterinary pharmacies on sale there are soothing drops — “Cat Bayun”, “Stop Stress”. Drops do not contain hormonal components, their composition includes plant extracts. They do not cause serious harm to the health of a pet.

It should be noted that their efficacy is short lived — after the drug is discontinued, the animal returns to sexual hunting, and it is necessary to give a repeated dose of drops. In the majority of their cats carry such drugs well, the only side effect that can occur is nausea.

The use of hormonal drops or tablets are prescribed by veterinary specialists, the indication for their use is a single omission of the animal’s knitting. Many cat owners believe the more drops or pills they give to a cat or cat, the better. It’s a fallacy

What method of contraception to use, only the owners of the animal can decide. Both castration and soothing droplets have their pros and cons. The application of droplets throughout the life of a cat often leads to irreversible effects in the animal’s body. Oncology can be payback for constant use of hormonal drugs.

If it is decided that the cat lives exclusively at home, and communication with cats is unacceptable for him — castration will be the best way out of the situation. And specialized feeds for neutered cats will help the animal to maintain mobility, playfulness and excellent well-being.

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