How to find out how much a certain breed of cat costs

If you want to purchase a pet cat, it is important to navigate the criteria that determine the value of each animal, and therefore its value. The fact that each breed has its own price is also important. It is important for the future owner to know that.

Key factors affecting the cost of different rocks

So, to determine the cost of a particular breed of cat, you need to consider the following criteria:

Type of certain breed: the most exotic, of course, have a higher price. For example, the sphinx will cost significantly more than the usual Siberian or Siamese kittens.

The “correctness” of the exterior is another important indicator. A kitten may be as pedigree as its brethren, but as a result of playing genes, some of its traits may not meet generally accepted requirements. Such an animal can be bought much cheaper, because neither at exhibitions nor in breeding from it can be expected high results.

The cost could go up significantly if the kitten’s parents took prizes at shows. Or cat knitting took place in another city or country.

Most thoroughbred cats are pretty expensive. However, there are options to acquire a pet at a lesser cost. If the future owner wants to purchase a pedigree pet as a friend, he can buy it cheaper, but with the condition of castration, that is, without the right to breed.

Where you can get information regarding the cost of a cat

To find out the estimated cost of a particular breed of cat, it is best to contact a specialized club. Thus, you can protect yourself from deception, and from prohibitively inflated price.

Individual cat breeders also provide such information. However, relying on breeders distributing their kittens over the internet, it is important to thoroughly check all documents on animals and their compliance with the claimed breed. This is especially true for inexperienced buyers.

You can talk to breeders about the cost of cats they breed at thematic exhibitions. They take place regularly in every major city. You can buy a favorite animal there. And not to overpay, you can find out the real value of a certain breed of cat in the club. Although the animal discord, and the price of a cat of the same breed can fluctuate significantly.

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