How to define the character of a cat by color

Character of cats by color of the

Clady and gentle character are distinguished by kittens of black color. They are obedient and sensitive, perfectly feel people’s mood, love weasel. A black kitten will be very happy to communicate with you. If you reciprocate, it will love you and attach itself to you. Also, black kittens are pretty easy to get dinner with kids. The most docile and pocladish are the black cats. But cats of such color are more wayward, although there are exceptions.

Black cats also differ in hypersensitivity to your handling of them. If you are strict, the kitten will become nervous, will shut itself in fear of doing something wrong that will cause you displeasure. And therefore try to show condescension to the pranks of the black kitten, to show tenderness and weasel to it.

As for gray and striped cats, they do not have such a ludicrous and sumptuous character. Kittens with this color are often irrepressible, secretive and closed character.

If you decide to have a gray kitten, don’t be surprised that it will avoid your society and perhaps socializing with you. Such kittens cherish their freedom and independence. Grey cats are more suitable for people who are very busy at work and can’t spend much time with a pet. With this combination in your relationship with the cat, there will be complete harmony.

According to research by German scientists, the smartest and cunning are kittens of red color. More often than not, cats are chosen for training. Red kittens can be distinguished by obedience, otherwise bordering on subcalibration.

However, be alert, usually it is only a cunning plan of such a kitten when he wants to achieve something from you or feels guilty. Therefore, if your pet is affectionately rattling against your feet, undeniably listening to you, check whether there is a puddle in the hallway or whether the cat food bowl is empty. Also, redhead kittens feel your mood perfectly. If you upload, they’ll try to cheer you up.

White cats can be unnecessarily hurtful. They are also believed to be susceptible to disease – for example, hearing problems are often found in such cats. These kittens can get moody and offended like small children. However, white cats are very affectionate to their host.

The character of multicolored kittens can be determined by the prevailing color in their coloration. At the same time, it is considered that 2 colored kittens more like to have fun and play, and 3 colored – loving and cloudy.

Is it worth choosing a cat by its color?

In ancient times people often chose cats precisely by color, as it was believed that a certain color “falls to the house”. For example, in one family a black cat will be perfectly accommodated, but the redhead in this house will be uncomfortable. And there’s some share of truth to it – sometimes cats for various reasons don’t snuggle at their owners, get sick or escape.

However, the character of a cat largely depends on the attitude towards it, and therefore love your pets and never offend them. Then they will answer you with love and devotion.

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