Features of serval content in home conditions


Servals have a very original appearance. These animals resemble a cat and a leopard at the same time. The character they have quite friendly, but keeping servals in the home requires the fulfillment of a number of rules. It is important to note that a cat this animal resembles only externally, the cooks and its behavior are more similar to a dog. Such nuance can be called both dignity and disadvantage. On the one hand, servals are easy to train, on the other – to wait that the animal will be affectionate and absolutely manual, is not worth it.


Serval is very mobile. Cats at any age are interested in games and active lifestyles, than quite often they bring some inconvenience to their hosts. In addition, wild cats tend to lead a nocturnal lifestyle in the wild, so the instinct of night entertainment can also appear when kept at home.


One of the features of the serval’s character is the ability to feel human fear. This nuance is more suited to dogs than cats. It is very important to initially achieve not only the location of the cat, but also to show it the usual norms of obedi Serval must perceive man as host. Otherwise it will be very difficult to re-educate him.


Like dogs, the serval has an instinct to protect itself and its owner. That is why when outsiders appear in the house, it is necessary to “introduce” guests to a pet and show him that they are not a threat. Incidentally, the worst punishment for serval is loneliness. Cats are very sociable and love attention to their persona, so they not only show an interest in humans, but they also easily get dinner with other pets.


Servals are very pure-dense animals. They are easily accustomed to the tray if they live in an apartment. However, private homes are considered more favorable conditions for keeping these cats. However, considering that the native element for them – the Sahara, leaving the animal on the street during the frost period is extremely discouraged. Feed wild cats can be meat, fish, rodents sold in specialty stores.


There is a myth that serval is dangerous to man during the period of aggression. In fact, that’s not quite true. The fact is that the basic diet of these cats is rodents. In the wild, they never attack large animals, so even when there is a danger from humans, it is easier for servalu to hide or escape than it is to attack the abuser. To specifically check the possibility of a cat when aggressive, of course, it is not recommended. If nurture serva in love and weasel, he will surely reciprocate kindness.

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