Family member – guinea pig

Guinea pig is one of the best animals for a child, it will never bite or show aggression. Even with severe irritation, the beast just blows a tooth. These pets are very attached to humans and also love stroking. The pedigree animal is quite beautiful. Eating only inexpensive plant food, and in summer grass. With daily cleansing of the cell, no smell is felt.

Pros of guinea pigs:

  • daytime mobility;
  • beauty of pedigree animals;
  • perfectly tame;
  • live 5-8 years;
  • no aggression to humans;
  • need minimum places.


  • big requirements for proper nutrition;
  • big requirements for caring for long-haired pigs;
  • have a specific smell.

Choose a guinea pig

To begin with, compare your capabilities with your care requirements. When you don’t have enough time for a morning walk with an animal or can’t provide certain conditions, such as a large space for large dogs, then it’s better to have a guinea pig.

Once in the pet shop, pay attention to the conditions of maintenance: whether there is purity in the cage and whether food with water is present in the cage. Young and healthy pig is highly mobile, with a wonderful appetite.

Having looked at the pig, you need to hold it and have a good look at it. There should be no balding on the wool, it should shine and be thick. Otherwise you risk acquiring an unhealthy animal. Weighing a guinea pig at a young age should not more than 500 g. This suggests that the animal has not been overfed and has a fine digestion. The main thing is that the pet is not very light.

If an external examination showed no signs of illness, it is possible to safely acquire a new family member. Do not forget for your pet to buy cage, vitamins, drinking and food.

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