Labrador: interesting facts, merits and disadvantages of the breed

Labrador is a very popular breed. Dogs are often bought by family people. Such pets attract attention not only by beautiful appearance, but also by cheerfulness. However, before buying a puppy, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of breed.


advantages of the Labrador

  1. With all its kind the dog radiates optimism, kindness. Sometimes there is a feeling that she is smiling even in her sleep. Labrador is distinguished not only by fine looks, but also by intelligence. For many breeders, this breed is a favorite.
  2. Labrador does not need careful care. You don’t have to cut your dog every month. It’s just enough to comb through wool once a week. Especially after forest walks.
  3. Labrador is a family dog. She treats children with love and angelic tranquility. The pet will gladly take part in any children’s fun.
  4. Labrador is unpretentious about food. There is no need to buy some very expensive and unique feed.
  5. Labrador is easy to train. The pet quickly assimilates commands. Dogs of this breed are very docile. They won’t get stubborn and arrange checks for their owner.
  6. Labrador is able to become a best friend to his owner.

Labrador’s shortcomings

  1. Dog is completely devoid of aggression. That’s why she won’t make a security guard. Labrador treats everyone with love.
  2. Labrador is a dog that needs activity. You have to walk with her a lot and often. Otherwise, the pet will carry the apartment.
  3. Labrador should be trained from a very young age. Otherwise he will be absolutely ungovernable.
  4. Labrador does not tolerate loneliness well. It’s best not to leave one in the apartment for a long time. He’ll either ruin all the furniture or bring the neighbors in barking.
  5. Labrador is not a weevil. On average lives for 13 years. Besides, he may have hereditary health problems. Most often, owners complain of joint diseases. Because of this, it is necessary to monitor the dog’s nutrition and not allow extra weight to be set.
  6. Labradors molt very much. That’s why the apartment will always have plenty of wool.
  7. Labradors are very big. Therefore, it is better to refuse such a pet if only a tiny studio is available.

Interesting facts

  1. Labrador has nothing to do with the island of the same name. The breed bred was on Newfoundland.
  2. The breed could have died. A dog tax was in effect on the island. And for the bitches it was necessary to pay more. So breeders tried to get rid of female dogs. Because of this, the breed could have completely disappeared.
  3. Among the Labradors is a criminal. In 1900, a dog gnawed at a cat that belonged to the governor’s spouse. The woman decided to take revenge on the dog and put him in prison, where the labrador died after 10 years.
  4. And in another town, a labrador managed to become an “honorary mayor.” There was this event in a locality called Sunol.
  5. Labrador is the only dog that has eardrums on its paws.
  6. Labrador is a burner. A dog can eat anything. Able even on the street to pick food from the road. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor the dog’s nutrition.



is the happiest dogs. They always smile. The pet becomes very strongly attached to its owner and yearns when left alone. He can even go clean if he doesn’t pay attention to him for a long time.

These gorgeous dogs must be loved. Then they will give you their love in a hundredfold.

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