Jack-Russell-Terrier: interesting facts, merits and flaws of the breed

Jack-Russell Terrier is a very popular dog variety. However, not all owners know the name of this breed. Many perceive pets as “milo” or “mask dog”. Such associations came about thanks to the motion picture “The Mask”, in which the dog played one of the key roles.


merits of the jack-russell-terrier

  1. Dog differs in small size. Thanks to this, it can be kept in the apartment.
  2. Has a pet spectacular appearance and cheerful character. There is periodically a feeling that the jack-russell-terrier smiles always.
  3. The dog is very smart, so there will be no problems with training.
  4. Can jack become the best companion for active people.
  5. Easily finds common ground with all family members, quietly treats children. Very rarely shows aggression.
  6. Despite the lack of aggressiveness, is able to become a fine defender.
  7. Betrayed to its owner. Playful and energetic.
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  9. Jack-Russell Terrier is a pure-dense breed of dog. There is no smell, the wool is easy to clean.
  10. Jack is unfazed in food. Able to eat everything that will offer.

Disadvantages of jack-russell-terrier


  1. diet of the pet needs to be monitored. It can’t be fed fatty food and overfed. Jack is subject to a set of extra pounds.
  2. Look after the appearance should be followed. Once a week you need to clean your ears and teeth.
  3. Jack is very active. Lazy people risk not coping with a pet. If you don’t walk the dog for a long time, it is able to carry the apartment. And small size won’t hurt it. The capricious character persists throughout life.
  4. The dog needs to pay a lot of attention. In solitude, the pet begins to get bored very badly.
  5. Jack is unable to calm down quickly. It may take a very long time to do so.
  6. You can’t keep a dog in a booth or an aviary. Jack will just freeze.
  7. Jack is a very cunning dog. And this can lead to undesirable consequences if you do not devote enough time to training.
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  9. necessary to walk the dog exclusively on a leash. Due to excessive curiosity, the pet can run away and get lost.

Interesting facts

  1. Jack-Russell Terrier is exposed to sunlight. Dogs of this breed can catch fire. Therefore, the owner will have to buy special sunscreen.
  2. The pet likes to hunt rats. In a long time ago, a dog named Vampire set a record by destroying about a ton of rodents in a year.
  3. The dog jumps really high. The pet, whose height does not exceed 30 cm at withers, is able to jump 1.5 meters.
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  5. jack-russell terrier is believed to be one of the smartest breeds of dogs. They are often found at customs and in the police. The pet is able to analyze the resulting data and select a route. How it turns out — it is unknown.
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  7. Jack-Russell-Terrier played one of the key roles in the cult comedy “The Mask.” It was after the release of this film that the popularity of breed began to grow.

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