Huskies: interesting facts, merits and flaws of the breed

Huskies are medium-sized dogs. Their popularity has a lot to do with the spectacular appearance. Blue eyes, good-natured and lively character, unpretentious, high intellect – all this can’t help but attract people’s attention. But dogs have not only positive, but also negative traits.


merits of Husky

  1. Strong Health. The breed originated in harsh climates, which could not but affect the immunity of dogs. They amaze with their performance and resilience, have good health.
  2. Friendliness. The Huskies are affable. They are able to easily find common ground with the people around them. Aggression and irritability are shown only in exceptional cases. We have to try very hard to make the dog angry.
  3. Spectacular appearance. It is thanks to this that huskies are very popular. Especially those dogs whose eyes of different colors are brown and blue.
  4. Loyal friends. Huskies are able to get along with all family members. They are safe for children. The dog will not betray their owner. Able to become best friends for him.
  5. Quiet ones. Husky dogs do not create noise, do not bark. That’s why you can keep them even in the apartment. Neighbours pets do not disturb.
  6. They’re clean. Dogs are able to follow their species on their own — another dignity of the husky. Bathing them is, of course, necessary. But rarely. According to some experts, this can be done twice a year.
  7. Unpretentious about food. They will not need to purchase any special feed. Can eat the same thing as other dogs.
  8. They’re very smart. Thanks to this, it is easy to train.

Disadvantages Husky

  1. Stubbornness. The Huskies will only listen to that owner who proves strong enough. The nature of dogs of this breed cannot be called simple. And they will constantly test their host’s nerves for strength. Weakly characteristic people from buying such a pet it is better to refuse.
  2. They’re very active. Huskies won’t suit people who prefer their free time on the couch. Dogs need activity. They need games, constant walks. Otherwise, the whole house can be destroyed.
  3. Bad guards. Huskies are very friendly. They treat all people positively.
  4. 2 times a year the huskies are molded. And lasts it for weeks. Therefore, vacuum cleaner will have to be regularly. There will surely come a moment when wool will be everywhere.
  5. Dogs need to be trained. The Huskies have an exuberant character. And in the absence of training, they are able to bring out even the calmest person. Training will help to subdue their difficult character.
  6. They don’t tolerate loneliness. The Huskies need attention. So it’s not worth it to get a dog to people who work hard. Pets are very strongly attached to their owner. And with his prolonged absence, they begin to behave not quite adequately. For example, huskies can howl. It’s unlikely to appeal to the neighbors.

Interesting facts about Husky

  1. Dogs took Eskimos with them when they went hunting bears.
  2. The wool is almost odorless.
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  4. Huskies are striking with their stamina. They are able to cover very long distances in harness.
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  6. Huskies could have disappeared. But the dogs were rescued by the Americans. In the US, this breed was very popular. But in the USSR such pets were considered useless.
  7. In 1925, thanks to the Huskies managed to stop the epidemic in Alaska. The dogs delivered diphtheria drugs to Nome. In New York, a monument to dogs was erected in honor of the event.
  8. Huskies hardly bark. But they howl if you leave them alone.

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