Why people give away cats

Health problems

Quite often people are forced to give away a cat or cat due to suddenly arisen health problems. In a number of cases, the owner or his family members are found to have an allergic reaction to the animal’s wool. Sometimes the malaise is caused by allergies to cat food or hygiene items (such as toilet filler). Often people prefer to give the animal away so as not to face similar problems again.

Sometimes people make the decision to give the cat away when the family is waiting to replenish. Unfortunately, there is an opinion that almost all newborn children risk becoming allergic if there is an animal in the house. According to experts, such a danger does exist in some cases, such as when parents suffer similar allergic reactions. However, quite often such measures are not necessary. What’s more, a child growing up in a home where there are four-legged pets, including cats, can grow much less susceptible to all sorts of allergens. It should be noted that only a doctor can give the exact answer to the question of what or who is the cause of the allergic reaction.

It is not uncommon to find announcements that older people have to give their pets – because of their age it becomes increasingly difficult to care for cats and dogs. This is a very difficult decision, especially when you consider that the pet was practically a family member. In such cases, owners try to choose a new home for their pet very carefully.

Sometimes a kitten is introduced after an old cat is suddenly missing or lost. But a new pet is also suddenly discovered, after which the baby has to find a new home, as it is difficult for people to keep two cats.

Unwillingness or inability to raise a domestic pet

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people, $ wining kitten, don’t quite imagine what they’re going to have to face. Sometimes a small cat is brought into the house by a child, picking up an animal on the street. In other cases, a kitten can be presented for some holiday without thinking about the consequences. And pretty quickly, once the stage of the first dither from the fluffy purring lump passes, frustration comes. The cat refuses to use the toilet, she hangs on the curtains, sharpens her claws against the walls and starts running as soon as everyone goes to bed. The inexperienced owners, having failed to succeed after first attempts to bring up Murka or Barsik, make the decision to give the animal away.

Where to give animals

Now there are many opportunities for those who decide to give the cat or cat. It is possible to place an ad on the Internet – there are many both specialized sites and those where private ads are placed. As experience shows, quite a few people are looking for new owners for their pets in the old way, placing handwritten ads on the street or in the entrance.

Those who move to another apartment, much less a different city or country, also often face the question of what to do with a cat. And if some can’t and think about breaking up with their pet, others decide to give the cat.

It is

possible to give a pet and to a specialized nursery, there his further fate can be traced if desired, and even get acquainted with future owners cat.

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