Why does a cat not eat fish

Features cat diet

Dry and canned cat food, of course the thing is convenient more for owners, they do not have to think about the composition of the products, because the finished menu is already balanced and contains all the necessary useful substances. But it has already been proven that natural nutrition is more natural and less harmful to cats. The

main part of the cat’s diet should be meat and meat products, in the total volume of them should be at least 80%, the remaining 20% – a variety of additives: dairy products, vegetables, vegetable products oil and, including fish. From this category of products, cats can be given only marine fish of fatty varieties, in this capacity perfectly suited to the belly of salmon, salmon, trout. They have plenty of vitamin E and D needed for a beautiful silky and shiny skin and a strong animal skeleton. It is also possible to give bone-brushed Pacific herring, mackerel.

The rare endogenous vitamin K in the body of a cat is synthesized not from fish, but from other products. So there is no need to give her fish as the source of this vitamin.

If a cat refuses fish

First cause — a cat may not eat fish simply because she doesn’t love her. And, if you can still be talked into eating something unsavoury, using the benefit, you can only spend time on the cat’s arrangements. Like all predators, though, appetite in cats plays out at night. So it is quite possible that under the morning she will eat everything she gave up in the afternoon, it is not worth immediately removing the fish from her bowl.

On the other hand, many people have heard about the special sensitivity of cats to the quality of food. Given this, a cat can refuse fish simply because it has not passed its quality control. The quality of the fish component in dry feeds leaves much to be desired – very often, together with pieces of fish, fish bone flour, which is high in phosphorus and magnesium. They can trigger the animal’s urinary tract or kidney disease.

Wet fish food can provoke impaired thyroid function in cats older than 7 years and cause a disease such as hyperthyroidism.

In addition, there are many substances in fish that cause or enhance allergies and inflammatory processes in the cat’s body. Some varieties of fish, such as tuna, ocean whitefish and royal macrel, whose waste is used to make cat food, are products of limited use due to the high degree of contamination with heavy metal salts.

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