Why do a pregnant cat move heavily kittens

How pregnancy goes in cats

On average pregnancy in cats lasts 9 weeks and how soon the cat is will give birth, depends on the number of kittens worn by her. The more there are, the sooner childbirth will take place. Usually this condition all cats, even rare breeds, carry perfectly normally and special veterinary supervision they do not need. Their abdomen becomes visible in 3-4 weeks, especially if the cat is smooth-haired.

2-3 weeks before giving birth you can feel how kittens started moving in her stomach. First to understand that there is movement in the abdomen, you can only put a palm to it. The first moves are rare — the hand will have to be kept tightly pressed for a few minutes before you feel them. After a week, the belly is already moving constantly and, if the wool is short, it can be seen even without putting a hand to the cat’s belly — it goes by a stilt.

Such activity is explained simply. First, kittens in a cat tend to be several, if one sleeps, the second can crow in its fetal bubble. Secondly, kittens, although born blind, compared to a child, are much more adapted to life – start crawling at once. So before childbirth, ready to get out on the white light kittens move quite hard. By

heavily massaging the walls of the uterus, kittens stimulate the release from the pituitary gland of the hormone oxytocin, which triggers the biological mechanism of delivery.

How cats give birth

1-2 days before giving birth, cat behavior changes — feeling them approach, she begins to find a dark, quiet and closed place where outsiders will not be able to disturb her or kittens. During this period, under the action of hormones, pelvic bones become more mobile, abdominal muscles relax and it changes shape from round to pear-shaped.

A sign of close childbirth is standing out when squeezing the colostrum nipples.

Pregnant cat usually often and gladly eats, but before giving birth she can completely refuse food, she can start vomiting and frequent stool. But most often everything passes without such complications and about the approaching exciting moment it will be possible to learn only by the fact that her body temperature has decreased. In normal condition, the body temperature in cats is 38.5°C, immediately before childbirth it is lowered to 37.5-37.8°C.

Most cats are quite coping with giving birth to kittens on their own, even if giving birth for the first time. In this case, you can only sit nearby to insure the woman in labor. But just in case it’s better to read literature to help if something goes wrong with plan.

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