What are dangerous

The biggest aesthetic problem for owners is confused wool or coltunes in an animal. They appear in long-haired cats regardless of their habitat.

Harms to Health

Fallout naturally wool is tangled in long wool and cannot leave the coat of the cat themselves – they need to be combed. It is worth only skipping one combing or unscrupulously to carry out it – at once the favorite turns a nasty look with lumps of confused wool.

This is because the animal itself is not able to care for the long wool and needs the care of the host. The cat is hard to lick the wool, reaching thirteen centimeters in length.

For a man, the cat’s coltun is only aesthetic discomfort — who is pleasant to contemplate a pet unkempt. And for a cat, it’s fraught with health problems. The tangling of hairs is indicative of the improper nutrition of the animal – it is worth revising its diet, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

If the animal is caught by fleas, then the favorite habitat and breeding – coltunes. The coat is strongly tangled at the base, the skin of the animal is pulled and there is a disturbance of the blood supply, which can cause the area to become dead.

Scratches and abrasions may be hidden under the coltoons. When the skin is not supplied with air, disease-causing bacteria can get into these wounds, which will lead to the wound being nuptified. The

wool caught in the stomach are collected in lumps and disturb its natural work.
On sale there is a special paste for the removal of wool from the stomach. Specialized feed also solves this problem.

Methods of fighting

First of all you need to have in the house a comb, a special shampoo and conditioner for long-haired animals. The conditioner makes the wool silky and less prone to tangling. Combing such wool is easier.

Small coltunes carefully choose with fingers, the animal at this procedure is stroked and soothed. If the coltoun is late noticed, has acquired critical dimensions — without haircut is not done. Don’t be afraid – usually cats normally tolerate similar procedures.

Small areas are recommended to be cut independently with scissors or special cutters. With large pockets interfering with the movement of the cat, only the clipper machine will cope.

Many animal salons offer haircuts for cats. Persian cat owners often use these services. The animal’s wool is constantly updated, and no coltunes are scary.

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