How to walk a dog

Memo for those who first got a dog and discover a new world of daily walks. As they say, welcome to the club!

Rule 1: your phone is a distraction. While you’re flipping tape, responding to messages and processing fresh photos, your pet can eat something off the ground, drastically curl in the direction of another dog or stray cat, make a pile and here step into it. It is clear the desire to take a beautiful/cute photo while walking; at the same time, try to give it a minimum of time, rather than make the goal of walking. It is necessary to relax from the digital world, and walking in the fresh air with a dog is a perfect opportunity to briefly plunge into the real three-dimensional world.

Rule 2: By letting off the leash, you accept responsibility. As warm as you feel to your pet, it is necessary first of all to get even though basic training, paying special attention to distractions. A jogger, a cyclist, a squirrel, someone’s overly active child — all could be the cause of a scandal that will mar your walk. Do you need to spoil the mood for yourself and others?

Rule 3: People have enough reasons to dislike your pet. Accept it without tragedies and dramas. If you and your dog smile oncoming — this is fine; if this does not happen — remember that many people have allergies to dogs, traumatic previous experience of communicating with dogs, there are squeamish people taking drooling enthusiasm with horror. If your dog is friendly and someone asks her to pat — why not? But if a person of all kinds shows that he is not happy about your dog – just move along.

Rule 4: Watch your dog for signs of fatigue. If your cute dog is young and healthy, it’s full of strength, energy over the edge, it can run around in a circle throughout the walk. But if your dog is getting older, watch out for signs of fatigue on walks. Signs of fatigue include lag on walks, attempts to stop or lie down and difficulty breathing. If you see any of these signs, take a break in the shadows while the dog cools down, and return home slower.

Rule 5: Get away after your dog piles. In Europe, many cities have special boxes in which free disposable paper decomposable packets. A person just approaches such a box, takes a package or two and then quietly cleans up behind his dog. In Russia, this is not found in all cities. However, it is necessary to clean up for your dogs if you do not want to walk later on “frozen mine”.

Remember: we are responsible for those who have been tamed.

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