How to Train a Bear


But don’t think a bear can become a man’s friend, and never try to befriend him. The bear is considered to be one of the most ferocious predators, according to the trainers, to work with a bear much more dangerous than with a tiger or a lion. Bears sometimes have unexplained and uncontrollable attacks of aggression, as a result of which a person can suffer very badly. Nevertheless, for centuries in Russia there were daredevils taking on the tame and training of bears. From there and the bubbly pictures with dancing bears, from there and the current circus tradition of training.


If it happened that you found bears in the forest whose mother died, then don’t try to take them to yourself and try to educate. Contact Forestry or other services that will be able to pick up and take care of the toddlers. You will not be able to give them the necessary care, besides, even very young bears can pose a huge danger to humans. As affectionate as the bear is to a man, one day it can deliver a fatal blow, so don’t experiment.


If you really want to work with bears, then enter the circus school and comprehend the profession of trainer. Remember, however, that there are many pitfalls in this profession. Since Soviet times bears for training were taken from berlogs, killing a bear, and selected for work only the most ferocious bears. The point is that working with a bear is only possible when it is angry, and a person suppresses it physically using fear and pain. Peaceful gullible bears will never be able to work in the arena.


The other thing is not trained, but tame bears. There are numerous cases of hunters and zoologists feeding bears whose mother was killed by poachers. Such bears are fed milk from a bottle and raised like children, but all conscious “educators” have the purpose of teaching the bear to survive on its own and then released into the forest.

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