How to care for pets in molting season

Seasonal molting is a natural process that occurs twice a year. Depending on the individual characteristics of the animal, the change of wool in domestic cats and dogs lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months. The

moulting process can be accelerated, for this purpose special preparations and vitamin complexes have been developed. But before applying them, consult a veterinarian or breeder: some wool products have contraindications. The

start time of moulting depends on the length of the light day and air temperature. In animals that do not leave the apartment, molting goes constantly: they lose their wool little by little, but a crass year.

Are the floor, carpets and sofas covered in a thick layer of wool? This grief is easy to help! Don’t think it’s easier for owners of short-haired animals: long “curls” are much easier to clean up than short “needles” that are crammed into upholstery furniture, decorative cushions and flooring.

First collect the wool with a vacuum cleaner with a regular nozzle. To clean the carpets will need a turbobrush.

Before cleaning, spray any anti-static spray on textile surfaces: this will make it easier to work. During cleaning, the wool is wound up on the vacuum cleaner brush? Buy a needlework spreader for seams to quickly clean the nozzle. A

wet rubber glove can be used instead of a turbobrush. Wipe the wool covered surface with it.

In especially difficult cases the paper scotch will be saved: the adhesive layer will collect even the hairs absorbed into the fabric. A sticky roller will also help.

Don’t want to waste the strength on cleaning? Devote more time than usual to the daily care of a pet’s wool: it’s easier to carefully comb it than to collect hairs everywhere.

For each type of wool there are their own tools. Short smooth comb with a rubber brush glove, for long care you will need a massage brush and a comb with rare prongs. For animals with a well-developed undercoat developed a special brush – a furminator, which effectively cleans out dead down hair.

If your pet doesn’t mind water treatments, during molting, bathe it more often: water washes away all the fallen wool. Be sure to use an air conditioner that makes combing easier.

Cats that “hair” with their tongue every day, during moulting season may need drugs that help cleanse the stomach of swallowed wool. The simplest and most affordable remedy is Vaseline oil. If you notice that the cat is sick or has constipation, soon give it 5-7 ml of Vaseline oil. Instead of a spoon, use a needle-free syringe.

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