How hamsters live


Hamsters – Night Animals. The peak of their activity is between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. So if you don’t want pets to wake you up with their rustling, arrange a cage or aquarium in a spare room or in the hallway. Despite their size, these animals are very noisy, they bury feed in the litter, twist in the wheel, run after each other. Therefore, it is better to have their house stand where it will not prevent anyone from resting.


Hamsters – not too public animals and will easily spend a lifetime in alone. To keep the hamster from getting bored, put a treadwheel in its cage or aquarium, put wooden toys. Rubber and plastic can’t be used, the hamster will nibble on them, and the harmful material will get into the stomach.


In nature hamsters feed on cereals, leaves, nuts, hay , vegetables. Same feed and pet. Currently, pet stores have enough feed for small rodents. It is better to buy already ready, as it mixed several types of grains, added nuts and fruits. In some mixtures, pieces of chalk are present as well as vitamins. All of this is very useful for home hamsters.


In nature hamsters move quite a lot to get forage. At home, you don’t need to look for food, rodents get fat, muscles atrophied, they get sick. To let the hamster be healthy, let it run around the room. Just close all the slits, otherwise the hamster will hide and can nibble on furniture or wires. In summer, take out the hamster to walk outside. Not only does it run in the grass, it will nibble on dandelion leaves or young nettle sprouts. This vitamin bait will be a hamster quite by the way.


Watch out for the cleanliness of the hamster’s dwelling. Every day, change the litter so that there is no specific smell. Pour clean water in the mornings. Can be used for hamsters bird drinkers – closed flasks with spout. In them, the water is not contaminated or spoiled as quickly as in a bowl.

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