Care for found puppy

If you already have other animals in your house, you shouldn’t immediately introduce the puppy to them. It is not known how he will react. Besides, he may be sick. It’s better to keep it for two or three weeks in a separate room until it gets stronger, gets used to you, and until you make sure the dog is healthy.

Of course, the dog should be taken to the vet first thing. He will examine it, prescribe necessary vaccinations and treatment in case of illness and even give out the real dog passport. And, of course, will determine the puppy breed.

But before leading the found to the veterinarian, you can examine it yourself. Carefully examine whether there is no depriving, look into your ears. If there is a concern that the dog is sick with some skin disease, touch it only in gloves.

Measure the temperature. To do this, enter a couple of centimeters a degree in the anal hole of the animal and hold there for 3-4 minutes. Temperatures should not exceed 39 degrees Celsius. The nose of a healthy dog should be cold and wet.

Treat the animal with a remedy against fleas. It’s better to use drops or spray. Good, such medicine costs inexpensive and eat in any pet store.

Even if your dog is very dirty, it should not be bathed. First, bathing is a great stress for him, secondly, he can be cold, and bathing will become fatal for him. Better brush it off the dirt with a damp rag or brush. Brush your eyes with a cotton swab.

Two times at an interval of ten days give the puppy a clistogon remedy, for example, pratel, drontal, canicwantel. This is very important, since many clues are perfectly attached to the human body, and it is harder to kick them out of there.

From the first days, teach the puppy to the toilet. Of course, found can’t go “on business” at a certain hour. So immediately after each meal, take it for a walk or put it on a newspaper. You will need a lot of patience to accustom him to order. Praise for every successful “case”, you can give goodies or toys.

Make a list of what you’ll need: collar, leash, lounger, wool brush, towel, eating and drinking bowls. A collar or plume is better to take on growth. How big the dog will turn out to be, can be determined by the paws. The thicker and more powerful they are, the more your pet waves out. Choose bowls wisely: plastics are better not to take, puppies adore them to nibble. The best option will be ceramic – such bowls are the hardest to flip.

Come up with a name. If your street gavrosh is old enough, he might have had a nickname. Put the beast in front of you and call the most common dog “names”. With one of them, the pastry can be revived and shut with its tail. So his name was something like that – choose a similar nickname.

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