How to make tequila boom

You will need – tequila Blanco (“light”) or Rlata (“silver”) – 50 ml; – carbonated drink “Sprite” – 0.5 cups; – crushed ice on to your taste. Instructions 1 Place in a special glass for making Old fashion cocktails with a very thick bottom of the ice cubes, after what to pour into the container … Read more

How to make potato gnockies

You will need to prepare gnocchi: 1 kg of potatoes; 3 large eggs; 300 g of flour. To cook the sauce: 300g ripe tomatoes; 30 sage leaves; a little olive oil. Instruction 1 Lower the potatoes in a uniform into salted water, bring to a boil and cook for 10-15 minutes. Ready potatoes immediately remove … Read more

Why would a cat ears

The structure of the mustache is similar in structure to normal hair, except that they are a little stiffer. Nervous endings are located in bulbs. Cats are adept at controlling vibrisses, such as putting them forward or sideways — this depends on the particular situation and mood. The animal can tell with precision whether it … Read more

What foods contain cholesterol

Foods rich in cholesterol The main harm to the body brings animal cholesterol. In large quantities, it is found in lard and fatty meat: pork, lamb and waterfowl. In smaller numbers, it is present in beef, veal, rabbit and chicken. That’s why those suffering from elevated blood cholesterol should abandon such products or keep their … Read more

What is gender

Difference between the concepts of gender and sex Until a certain time it was believed that the sex trait is immutable and independent of the will of the individual. However, the presence of certain genitals in a newborn child does not yet mean that it clearly refers to boys or girls. For example, in the … Read more

Cheese souffle

You will need – cheese of hard varieties – 200 g; – butter – 50 g; – vegetable oil – 2 tbsp l. ; – flour – 3 tbsp l. ; – mustard powder – 0.5 tsp. ; – milk 2.5% – 1.5 cups; – eggs – 5 pcs. ; – cognac – 2 tbsp. … Read more

How to make a gratin delicious

You’ll need Recipe #1: 300-350g macaroni; 2 bulbs; 250g pork liver; salt; pepper; 3 tbsp butter; 1 cup milk; 1 tbsp flour; 250 g cheese; 1 egg. Recipe №2: tomatoes; courgettes; eggplant; rice brewed until semi-ready; flour; salt; vegetable oil; black ground pepper; milk; eggs. Instructions 1 Recipe №1Boil the pasta, turn them on a … Read more

Spring – rolls in Vietnamese

You’ll need – rice paper 8 sheets; – shrimp large 8 pcs. – fine rice vermicelli 80 g; – lettuce 2 sheets; – mint; – cilantro ; – basil. For sauce 1 – fish sauce 3 tbsp; – rice vinegar 3 tbsp; – lime juice 2 tbsp; – garlic 1 tooth. ; – sugar 2 … Read more